About us

We are not waiting for changes! We create new solutions!

Robots, cars without drivers and unlocking doors with just our eyes are all situations of our reality even today. These technologies are already here and they are becoming every day more and more a part of our everyday life. If we are not ready to face this changes, side by side with technology, we are going to lose all the good parts and richness that is going to come with all of it. That is a reason why Connecting since 2013 is dedicated to create a community of entrepreneurs who will train our children from Serbia how to manage technology, and not the other way around – managed BY technology.

Our vision is to bring back the education where it belongs - on the top of the pyramid of needs!

Connecting is operating on national level by implementing educational projects:

From 2016, with the beginning of our “When I grow up I will be...” program, “Connecting” started operating on national level by implementing educational projects focused on career guidance and social entrepreneurship-through partnership with Serbian elementary and high schools. Today, When I grow up I will be... is one of the most recognized and popular programs on career guidance in Serbia. Central part of program is 6-days summer camp which is since 2020 organized at the Petnica Science Center.

Educational programs are being held by “Connecting”’s certified youth leaders and workers, who provide necessary knowledge and skills so students are able to make decisions independently and thoughtfully about starting their own business, continuing careers or schooling. To date, more than 2000 children and youth participated in our educational programs.

You can download our strategic plan for the period from 2017. till 2019. here. ovde