Who are we?

We do not make changes. We are creators of solutions!

Organization for the career development and youth entrepreneurship ‘’Connecting’’ was founded in 2013. with the goal to create a community of entrepreneurs who would be dealing with the most important challenges of the youth today.

Now “Connecting” is one of the rear organization from the territory of the South Banat which is certified, accredited organization for upgrading the standards of the youth work quality.

The main goal of “Connecting” is to educate kids and youth about social entrepreneurship and to reinforce them to be responsible citizens of our society through programs of career development and guidance. 

“Connecting” works on a national and regional level and it is the only organization on the territory of South Banat that is focused on the programs about career development and guidance of youngsters and social entrepreneurship.

Educational programs of career development and guidance as of social entrepreneurship are being realized through programs of non-formal education in collaboration with primary and secondary schools, and are representing a part of extracurricular activities. They are suited for teenagers of all ages:

  • High school students (15 to 19 years old)
  • Primary school students (13 to 14 years old)

Educational programs are led by certified youth workers and leaders who are giving the kids and youth the knowledge and skills that are essential for them to be able to make their own, responsible decisions about their career path, jobs and future schooling.

Thanks to the help of our partners more and more schools are interested in education about social entrepreneurship and career development and guidance, and so the number of the kids and youth who were included in our educational programs grows bigger and bigger every day. Up till today more than 2000 kids and youngsters participated in our educational programs.

At the end we would like to emphasize that our programs are focused on the development of skills for 21st century. Skills for the 21st century (skills of literacy, life and knowledge) are a set of capabilities that kids and youngsters need to develop so that they could be successful in the todays and the future world of economy of knowledge.

You can download our strategic plan for the period from 2017. till 2019. here. ovde